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Somali Institute for Development Research and Analysis (SIDRA)

Somali Institute for Development Research and Analysis (SIDRA) is a private, not-for- profit research and policy analysis think tank whose primary mission is to provide quality research and development services to the public and private entities in Somalia in order to contribute to the attainment of the development priorities of the country. Read More...

Vision & Mission

Our Mission

SIDRA is a center of research that generates new knowledge that aims to be relevant, original and excellent. Our work co-constructs knowledge, alliance, dynamic policy environment and institutional capacity to fit for purpose.
Vision & Mission

Our Vision

SIDRA aspires to become the leading development research institute and center of excellence in Somalia.

Key Strategic Focus Areas

Key Area

Gender and Women’s Empowerment

SIDRA believes that women are key to development and to poverty reduction in Somalia.

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Key Area

Good Governance

Somalia is an economy without state. There are structural issues related to the political economy of governance.

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Key Area

Social Development

Poverty is a major factor hindering citizen participation in all the dimensions of social development.

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