Who We Are

Who We Are?

The institute is formed by a group of intellectuals, opinion formers, research professionals and practitioners whose objective is about creating new ways to think about and solvethe range of complex challenges from socio-economic development to climate change through governance reforms. SIDRA wants to offer technical innovative solutions grounded in a process of inclusive change, facilitation, information, communication and reengineering new ways of systems and knowledge-based policy researches. Our aim is to build new models that builds on and improves the existing ones.

The institute serves a broad mix of public, private, and civil society organizations. Our headquarter is in Garowe but our coverage is country wide. We have also developed flexible structures that can quickly deliver the right team with the right experience and expertise to everyone, anywhere in the country.  The marque of the institute is being defined by its people. Quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve and meet our objectives. We invest in identifying people with exceptional skills and nurturing their competencies.

We have established a roster of consultants which include business entrepreneurs, economists, engineers, environmentalists, public sector reform specialists, and research scientists.  Their diversity of background, expertise, discipline, and gender ensures our credibility as an effective facility for change.