Announcement: Training Course on "Climate Change and Adaptation"


Announcement: Training Course on "Climate Change and Adaptation"



 The Somali Institute for Development and Research Analysis (SIDRA) is delighted to invite you to attend our upcoming 2 weeks Training Course on “Climate Change and Adaptation” to be held in Garowe on 6th to 17th of December 2015.  

Why choose SIDRA? We provide trainings with a capacity-building goal; so as to ensure that our trainings will  contribute to a sustainable change. 


This 2 weeks training course is aimed at providing an overview of Climate Change Science , Climate Change Scenario, Responses to Climate Change and Justice, and Basic Terminology. This course will provide participants the Adaptation to Climate Change, Link between Adaptation & Development, Methods and Tools for Assessment. Through exercises and group work, participants will also learn the Impacts, Vulnerability and Linkage between climate change and disaster. Time will be allotted for practical exercises and informal question and answer sessions around climate change and adaptation. Participants will also be provided with additional Resources for further study and research in the climate change and adaptation. 


2 weeks

Learning Objectives

Participants will gain confidence to apply the acquired skills and knowledge to their climate change and adaptation work

Participants will be able to share and learn from other country experiences on the climate change and adaptation

Participants will have an improved understanding of Climate Change Science , Climate Change Scenario, Responses to Climate Change and Justice, and Basic Terminology

Participants will also learn how to see development interventions through a climate lens and integrate adaptation in the planning process

Who should attend?

Generally, the course target groups are:

        Technical Staff in the Government Institutions at all levels (e.g Environment, Agriculture, Water and NRM Sectors and Planning)

        Representatives of NGOs and civil society; and

        National and International development cooperation employees in climate-relevant fields of work

Topics to be covered

1. Chapter One: Basic Climate Change Science: Global Warming, Greenhouse Gases and Consequences:
  • What is weather and climate change,
  • What is climate change,
  • What is global warming,
  • Sources of greenhouse gases,
  • Consequences of GHG concentration in the atmosphere (mainly temperature change)
2. Chapter Two: Climate Change Scenario:
  • Changes in temperature ( changes in land Surface Temperature, changes in Sea Surface Temperature)
  • Variation in Rainful and
  • Ice melting and Sea level Rise


3. Chapter Three: Responses to Climate Change- Mitigation and Adaptation and Justice:
  • measure to deal with climate change i.e. mitigation and adaptation.
  • What are the fundamental differences, global injustice regarding carbon emission, equal rights to development , compensation regarding carbon emission and the injustice between survival and luxury.
4. Chapter Four: Key Terminology:
  • Key terminology of Climate Change Impacts, vulnerability, adaptation, mitigation, risk, hazards, shock, variability, trends, exposure, sensitivity, adaptive capacity etc.
5. Chapter Five: Impacts of Climate Change:
  • Impacts of climate change on different sectors under different climate change scenarios
  • Impacts of climate change on different regions of the world under different climate change scenarios.
6. Chapter Six: Vulnerability to Climate Change:
  • concepts of vulnerability, vulnerability to natural, physical and social system, how vulnerability varies within the societies etc
7. Chapter Seven: Linkage between Climate Change and Disaster:
  • Identification of areas specific extreme climatic events or disasters; i.e. flood, cyclone, etc.
  • Analysis of intensity on frequencies of those events depending on temporal dimension
  • Vulnerability of the community to those events
8. Chapter Eight:
  • Adaptation to Climate Change: Adaptation science, types of adaptation context specificity of adaptation etc.
9. Chapter Nine:
  • Link between Adaptation to Climate Change and Development: This chapter will cover link between adaptation and development, where commonalities and differences exist.
10. Chapter Ten: Methods and Tools:
  • Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation: This session will cover different top-down and bottom up  methods and approaches


Training Fee

The training fee for this course is USD 650. This will cover for facilitation, training materials, lunch and refreshments. Participants will cater for their transport and accommodation during the training.

How to participate

You can participate as an individual or as a group. Participants attending as a group enjoy a discount of up to 10% for a group of 10 or more participants.

You can apply to participate as a group or as an individual by sending your full name and institution to


The Somali Institute for Development and Research Analysis (SIDRA)

Telephone: +252-90-6051911