Iman Abdullahi Shanfool

SME Development Program Coordinator

Iman is SMEs Development Program Coordinator at The Somali Institute for Development and Research Analysis (SIDRA) in Somalia, Puntland, Garoe. Iman is a recent graduate of Brunel University London, where she received BA Sociology and Media Studies. 

Iman is a remarkably optimistic, proactive, driven and target-oriented individual. She started her career in London and worked for many different organizations such as Medical Aid Films as a Coordinator and Developer to assist and support with the coordination of invitations and planning for fundraising events and conducting research trusts and foundations to identify new sources of funding. 

Because of Iman’s energetic, adaptability, political curiosity and interests in development issues in Africa, she eventually moved to Somalia where she is currently working for SIDRA Institute as a SMEs Development Program Coordinator and leads the program strategy development of the Somalia SMEs Skills Development Program. 

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