Asli Ismail Duale


Asli Ismail Duale is a Chairlady of WEAVE, Women Education & Voicing Entrepreneurship, Post Graduate Diploma at University of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Philosophy and Islamic studies (Shari’a and Women’s Role in Islam), BA in Bossiness Administration, Nominated Member of Parliament (MP) of Somalia TFG, but decline the offer due to personal reasons, 2004. Honorary Award from Kikuyu Hospital, Nairobi in the year 2002, CBM (Christophe Blind mission) award, for the best activist campaign Manager against the Blindness East Africa in the year 1999, Member of Global Water Partnership East Africa, GWP-EA, over 18 years of Experience in conflict resolutions and peace building, did research for Somali Women Activist, SIHA (Strategic Initiative Horn of Africa).

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