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Providing private research and development services to public and private entities in Somalia
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We are SIDRA Institute
A private research and development institute which provides quality research and development services to the public and private entities in Somalia.

Who We Are

The institute is formed by a group of intellectuals, opinion formers, research professionals and practitioners whose objective is about creating new ways to think about and solvethe range of complex challenges from socio-economic development to climate change through governance reforms.

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Our Vision

The vision of the Somali Institute for Development Research and Analysis is to become the leading development research institute in Somalia, as a national center of excellence.

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What We Do

We provide knowledge-based services to spectrum of institutions known as our clients. The work we do is founded on rigorous understanding and analysis of the context, dynamics and environment. We study trends, capture and organize data and extract requisite insights for action. We address societal issues..

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  • Democracy & Governance
    As is often the case in periods of momentous transformations such as the ones we have been living through since 2004, new approaches of political governance appear.[...]

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  • Security and rule of Law
    The role of law explains a complex set of social, political and economic realities that govern human behavior in different places, levels and ways. At the same time, it reflects some shared normative notion that human dignity matters.[...]

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  • Gender and Women’s Empowerment
    SIDRA believes that women are key to development and to poverty reduction in Somalia. Research and advocacy plans for Somali women’s empowerment and greater involvement in decision making  remain at the heart of all[...]

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  • Sustainable Environment and Natural Resources Management
    The institute uses the logic of analysis, innovations and partnerships to advance transformative solutions for energy, food security and climate change. The institute works with business, policy makers, and civil society to transform our own[...]

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  • Education Management and Institutional Capacity Investment
    The institute is a knowledge hub that provides technical assistance and capacity building interventions to wide range of institutions. The capacity investment initiatives include technical support for capacity assessment[...]

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  • Peace through Business Development
    The institute truly believes that stable society requires jobs which provide certain level of income for living. The institute will advocate economic reforms that will create enabling environment for investment, public and private[...]

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